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The Divorce Niche Bootcamp

Jun 19, 2020 3:20:01 PM / by Laurel Starks

Work your purpose...

The Divorce Niche is not an easy niche to break into or work in. The divorce attorney community is tight and employs some of the most rigid gate-keepers. Once you're "in," it is an exhaustive roller coaster to navigate, one that tries patience and requires rhino-like skin.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 2.38.59 PMAnd with most challenges, the tougher the climb, the greater the reward. There is nothing like playing such a pivotal role during a person's darkest hour, and seeing them through it to the other side.

As we navigate through one of the most taxing times our nation has ever seen, many of the homes within it are pressure cookers. And as we reopen, we are seeing an increasing need for trained professionals to handle these complex listings.

I created The Ilumni Institute for the sole purpose of developing Realtors who want to rise to the occasion and be the resource so many in our communities need, as they make some of the biggest decisions in their life.

If this is something that does not appeal to you, then I'm thankful that you recognize that, and you can use your gifts in another direction. However, if this is something that you feel a calling to do, then I encourage you to consider joining our next Divorce Niche Bootcamp that begins Tuesday, June 23rd and runs for 3 days.

To learn more, visit www.TheDivorceNiche.com, and you can connect with us or you can enroll right then and there. I promise this will be a transformative three days. Divorce attorney Shelly J. John and I dive into these three topics: 1) How Realtors can fix a broken system, 2) Proficiency in divorce listings, and 3) Develop your strategy.

Enlist in Bootcamp!

This can be the beginning of a path toward purposeful work that can enhance your real estate career.

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Laurel Starks

Written by Laurel Starks