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The Dance

Aug 21, 2020 4:26:00 PM / by Laurel Starks

Yesterday, someone said "How do you do it all?"

Answer: I don't.

The secret truth is, I'm surrounded by "inspired, passionate, motivated, grateful, and open minded" talent all around me, and together, WE do it all.

In the real estate industry, we hear so much about leadership. We have leadership classes, leadership coaching, leadership habits, leadership skills - there's a whole industry devoted so leadership. And that's good, because as Realtors, we lead a lot. We lead our families, our domestic teams, our clients, all of the moving parts and people in a transaction, and that's all before we even get into leadership of our teams and businesses. So leadership really is at the core.

The key to doing it all is attracting the talented rockstars who can do it all better than you can. Yes, indeed, that means that first, you have to come to grips with letting go of things. Believing that you are not, in fact, the almighty prophet to all things that make the world go round.

Second is believing that you deserve to have high quality people in your life. That right there is a personal journey that can take years to accept.

Next, there is a burden and a commitment that you're willing to accept. The moment another person's livelihood becomes your responsibility, sh*t gets real. And it's something leaders carry with them every single day.

Lastly, it's ego. Recognizing it's not all about you; it's about the mission. And just like a ballet, everyone plays their part to deliver the performance. Each person trains, develops, commits, and performs at the top of their game.  

That's how we do it all.



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Laurel Starks

Written by Laurel Starks