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From Dialing for Dollars to Inbound Attorney Referrals: How a CDRE made the shift

May 26, 2021 1:53:18 PM / by Laurel Starks

The grind was brutal. Cold calling Expireds and FSBOs, Kwaku had a split second to blurt out a winning script amidst a sea of other Realtors, all vying for the same listing. 50% of his lead gen efforts were spent on this, yet they comprised only 15% of his closings. The rest of his business was sphere referral, but that is unpredictable.

He felt like he was knocking his head against a wall, and with a young family to support, he had to find another way before he completely burned out.

After a few divorce listings, he realized he had a knack and the emotional intelligence to succeed at them. “So I decided to pursue a path that created relationships with attorneys who were more than just a one-off deal. Each relationship with an attorney is like having an account that leads to lifelong business. They are exponentially more fruitful.”


How Kwaku started?

I got started in 2010. I was working a full-time job and then was able to kind of over a couple years kind of transitioned to be full-time in real estate it took probably about two years two three years to do and it didn't feel like I had a business or like an occupation really because I wasn't really doing anything.

I used up my sphere you know little sphere that I had so I just started calling expireds and FSBOs. When you really need to build a sustainable business really hunker down.  pexels-anna-nekrashevich-6802044



What made you stop calling FSBOs and Expireds?

I stopped and said there's no referrals coming in the minute you're always hunting. I wanted a stream of a bucket of business basically where I didn't have to hunt every day. FSBOs and Expireds, you're constantly having a sprint on that treadmill. You always provide value but it's not predictable. I want to build a sustainable business/ evergreen. ilumni_MasterClass_2019_197

How did you get into The Divorce Niche?

I researched  and seek training and education  to fill in the gaps and then was able to come to The CDRE course and touched base and gave me stuff ahead that helped me. I'm silently competitive and giving through education like the way in to work with this niche is through providing value and education.


How different is it now that you become a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert?

Lawyers are calling or texting me and asking for my help in handling Divorce Real Estate situations. I am even in a group chat of professional family attorneys and I keep on getting business without cold calling anyone anymore. I still get my continued education with The Ilumni Institute and as I made it into the course it filled in all the gaps and I was like “oh I'm dangerous now!’’ I have the knowledge, I have the lingo and I speak the language. My job is through education like the way into work with this niche is through providing value and education.


Check the Ilumni Institute Programs and see where you fit! For questions, please schedule a call with our Director of Training Steve Watson.

Laurel Starks

Written by Laurel Starks